The policy will provide emergency assistance following a sudden and unexpected event which is likely to cause damage to the home, a risk to health or unreasonable discomfort or which requires immediate action in order to make the home safe and secure. Home Emergency Assistance provides peace of mind for homeowners in case of an unexpected emergency. Policy cover is offered alongside or automatically included within a home insurance policy through a broker or insurer scheme.

Problems are reported via a 24 hour / 365 day emergency assistance telephone helpline and will be dealt with by a network of quality-approved technicians and engineers.

Repairs will be undertaken to resolve the emergency by carrying out a temporary repair but a further permanent repair may also be required which will not be covered under the Home Emergency Assistance policy (unless it is no more costly than a temporary repair) but which may be covered under the home insurance policy.

Main Source of Heating

  • Complete failure to function or breakdown of the main heating system.

Domestic Power and Water Supply

  • Complete failure of the domestic electric, gas or water supply.

Internal Plumbing and Drainage

  • Sudden failure, blockage, leak or damage to the internal plumbing and drainage system.

Toilet Unit

  • Sudden failure, blockage, leak or damage to the toilet bowl or cistern (where no other toilet is available in the property).

Pest Infestation

  • An infestation of pests such as wasps, hornets, rats and mice.

Windows, Doors and Locks

  • Failure to function or damage to the external doors, windows or locks.

Lost or Broken Keys

  • Lost or broken keys preventing access to the home.

Roof Damage

  • Damage caused to the roof by adverse weather or fallen trees.

Overnight Accommodation

  • Up to £100 (including VAT) per person subject to a maximum of £250 (including VAT) for one night’s accommodation if the home is uninhabitable following an emergency.

Emergency Assistance Limit

  • The standard limit is £500 (including VAT) per claim which can be increased to £1,000 (including VAT) per claim.

The Insured Property

  • The property must be located in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
  • The property must be occupied for normal domestic purposes by the policyholder and anyone living or staying there with the policyholder’s permission.
  • Home Emergency Assistance does not cover properties which are rented or let (please refer to our Residential Landlord Emergency Assistance product which provides cover for landlords who let their property to tenants).