Get Legal Advice

Your Legal Protection Group policy may offer you access to a legal or tax advice service, which is normally available by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To use the service, call the number shown on your policy document and quote your policy number.

Making a Claim

To report a claim under your legal protection or assistance insurance policies, please call the dedicated claims reporting number shown on your policy document.

The Claims Helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For some claims, including employment, contract, property and tax matters, you may need to provide supporting information and complete a claim form.

Please give us as much information as possible when reporting a claim and keep in mind that you can discuss any legal or tax problem with the legal and tax advice services, even if you don’t make a claim for legal or accountancy costs.

You must report any claim during the period of your insurance, as policies are ‘claims made’.

Please do not instruct a solicitor or other adviser without speaking to us first of all, as we will not pay any costs incurred without our prior agreement.

If necessary, we will help you to choose a suitable lawyer or other qualified person to assist you. For more information on appointing a lawyer, please see choice of lawyer below.

Choice of Lawyer

Should you need to use your policy to pay for a lawyer to assist you, it is important that the lawyer is carefully chosen and for this reason, Legal Protection Group works with a panel of solicitors and barristers who have been carefully selected by us to ensure that you receive the best possible help.

Independent research* has shown that policyholders are often better off by using a recommended law firm and the reasons for this include:

  • The lawyer will be familiar with the cover provided by your policy.
  • The lawyer will already have a working relationship with us and so will be given wider authority to handle your claim.
  • The lawyer will be suitably qualified and experienced to deal with the legal issue.
  • The lawyer will have efficient systems which will reduce costs and therefore make your indemnity limit go further.

Therefore, we nearly always arrange the appointment of a lawyer recommended by us. However, under certain circumstances (as set out in the Insurance Companies (Legal Expenses Insurance) regulations 1990), we may agree to appoint a lawyer chosen by you. If this happens, your lawyer must agree to represent you in accordance with our Standard Adviser’s Terms of Appointment and our hourly charging rates and we will pay your lawyer the same as we would have paid our recommended lawyer.

A copy of our Standard Adviser’s Terms of Appointment and hourly charging rates is available on request.

Should you have any queries regarding the appointment of a lawyer or other expert, please call the Claims Helpline on 0344 840 6345.

*SEO Economic Research/University of Amsterdam.