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Legal Protection Group joins the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA)

by Sheena Court | Mon 26, Jun 2017 | News

Martin Rowan, Managing Director, is pleased to announce that Legal Protection Group has joined the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA). The MGAA is a non-profit making organisation that represents UK managing general agents and works both within the professionalism framework of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and observes its own code of conduct. The MGAA was formed in 2011 to give the insurance industry a better understanding of what an MGAA is and what they contribute to the insurance market. It is a central body that can put members’ views to government departments and agencies including the FCA and Parliament. It also represents members’ interests in discussions over legislation and regulation which may impact them. In addition it sets best practice guidelines and works actively to improve the Underwriting Agency sector’s professionalism, stability and competitiveness. While the MGAA was instituted for the purpose of giving MGAs a unified voice on these issues, increasingly, the Association is now also serving as an important body for bringing about greater levels of understanding, transparency and professionalism throughout the wider MGA community. Membership is made up of MGAs and their supporting insurer partners together with professional organisations that bring particular knowledge and insight to the delegated underwriting sector.

Legal Protection Group is looking forward to becoming an active member of MGAA and joining in with the many events that the Association organises for members.   For more information on the MGAA, please visit

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