Legal protection for the family, covering a wide range of legal problems. Policy cover is offered alongside or automatically included within a home insurance policy through a broker or insurer scheme. Elements of the Family Legal Protection policy are as follows:

Your Employment Protection

  • Disputes with a current, former or prospective employer regarding an insured person’s contract of employment or related legal rights.

Protecting Your Property

  • Actions following nuisance or trespass.
  • Pursuit of a claim for damages following an event causing physical damage to the policyholder’s property.

Tax Enquiries

  • Representation in an investigation by HMRC into an insured person’s personal tax affairs.

Consumer Contract Disputes

  • Disputes with a person or organisation providing defective consumer goods or services and defence of claims brought by a person to whom private consumer goods have been sold.
  • Disputes with the policyholder’s landlord over the renting of their home.
  • Disputes over the purchase or sale of the policyholder’s main home.

Personal Injury

  • Pursuit of a personal injury claim on behalf of an insured person.

Clinical and Medical Negligence

  • Pursuit of a claim on behalf of an insured person following an identified act or negligent surgery or medical procedure.

Defence of Your Legal Rights

  • Defence of an insured person’s legal rights in work-related criminal prosecutions.
  • Defence of civil action for unlawful discrimination or breaches of Section 13 of the Data Protection Act.
  • Regulatory or professional body disciplinary hearings.
  • An insured person’s lost salary or wages whilst attending jury service or as a witness in a claim under the policy.

Identity Theft Assistance

  • Assistance to help restore an insured person’s identity and defending legal actions arising from an insured person’s identity theft.

Personal Legal Advice Helpline

  • Advice over the phone on any personal legal problem under the laws of the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Personal Tax Advice Helpline

  • Advice over the phone on personal tax matters under the laws of the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Identity Theft Advice

  • Advice and guidance on keeping personal identification safe and secure.

Counselling Helpline

  • Telephone counselling on matters causing distress and anxiety.

Limit of indemnity

  • The standard limit of indemnity is £50,000 per claim.

Territorial limit

  • The cover applies throughout the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Certain covers are also extended to member states of the EU, Norway and Switzerland.


For more information, please see the Family Legal Protection Product Summary